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I am a commercial pilot, aviation business consultant and freelance business writer.

Airplane Pilot

As a commercial pilot, I fly for Fort Lauderdale Air Tours and own Skymax air charter service, an on-demand air taxi business serving the Southeastern USA and The Bahamas. We provide charter, air cargo flights and air tours from our base in Fort Lauderdale.

Professionally, I have successfully started two air charter companies using two different Cessna aircraft. I developed the required Compliance Statement, Schedule of Events and all of the documents necessary to receive two air carrier certificates. I am available for paid consultation should you have questions about starting and managing your own air charter service.

With over 1,500 hours flying both single and multi-engine aircraft, I am looking forward to teaching young adults and seasoned planet walkers how to fly safely and have fun in the air.

Past Activities

  • 2015 Recipient, Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship American Flyers CFI Academy
  • 2015 Air Carrier Certificate (Go Air Taxi Inc. Part 135 Certification)
  • 2014 Commercial Pilot
  • 2013 Air Carrier Certificate (Skymax Inc. Part 135 Certification)
  • 2010 Letter of Authorization from FAA to conduct Commercial Air Tours
  • 1999 First Solo
  • 1993 Discovery Flight: Pitt County Airport, Greenville, NC

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