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about coffee and wingsMy name is Valerie Lynn. I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I fly little airplanes for fun and profit as a Commercial pilot and Certificated Flight Instructor.  And… I take a lot of pictures of food, cats, plants and planes with my phone.

Life in the Air and on the Ground.

Someone once told me that being a pilot is the hardest way to make an easy living.  Sometimes that makes me laugh. Other times, I wonder how any of us manage to pass as normal.  The ins and outs of life on the go as a pilot sometimes make my head spin.


I am the co-Founder and CEO President of Skymax, an air taxi and air tour business here in Florida. Tourists and vacationers enjoy our sightseeing flights while local residents fly with us to get to another city without the time and hassle of driving. We’re like Uber in the sky and I consider myself very lucky to share the amazing views with others.


When Injustice and Abuse of Power deny people access to opportunity or, worse yet, their basic Human Rights, people suffer needlessly.  There seems to be a lot of that in this world.

On a positive note, learning to read, feeding curiosity with education and having role-models can lift children up and out of poverty. I support charities and organizations who address these concerns in a way that is meaningful to me.  I also work locally through Veronica’s Wings, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit established in memory of my sister.

I hope you you enjoy my stories, images and lists and I look forward to your comments. Welcome to CoffeeAndWings.com!